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Goodbye Trash! Hello Earth!
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To lessen recyclable waste dumped into landfills, education is the KEY. Education help building a RESPONSIBLE community. Leader always Lead By Example by more ACTION. Stop Wishing, Start Doing.
Make household recycling more effective through the power of social marketing, which can help to create more fun, value and to reach target users each time execution of campaign. We enhance the value of Green Point through redemption in our unique merchant network.
Technology help to provide more efficient and effective solutions to our household users especially in handling their bulky recycling and most demanded pick up services. With technology, Karun Hijau can fully apply a model of co-sharing economic that leverage all relevant parties. We build our users through social media,

WHAT is Karun Hijau(KH)
UNIQUE waste management?

- Everybody is responsible to Do a proper waste separation for your own stuffs.
- Through our unique Green Point Reward System, We Reward you the Green Effort by Refusing and Reducing the usage of resources in earth.
- Green Point just like your BONUS LINK. You can use your Green Point redeem Vouchers/Items.

WHO is Karun Hijau (KH)?

Basically we are a UNIQUE Waste management & Recycling company with GREEN POINT REWARD SYSTEM to reward everybody to do a better WASTE SEPARATION or SELF DROP-OFF.