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Hygiene Products

Hygiene Products
Facial Mask 面罩 Facial Mask 面罩
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Model: Facial Mask 面罩
Facial Mask 面罩 (3 Mask in 1 Set - Random Colour) We worked with fabric factory and produce the mask using leftover cotton and microfiber fabric. 我们与织物工厂合作,使用剩棉和超细纤维织物生产面膜。This is another Karun Hijau Community Project and this around we support the B40 mothers group can make the mask from home. 这是另一个..
Ex Tax:RM30.00
Model: Jophie Disinfectant
The new crown pneumonia epidemic is getting more and more tense, and everyone may wash hands frequently enough. It is recommended to spray the whole body to disinfect at all times.Combining all the advantages and solving all the shortcomings, Jophie ca n’t win the alcohol, but not lose the alcohol. ..
Ex Tax:RM50.00
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