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Jophie Disinfectant

Jophie Disinfectant
Jophie Disinfectant
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The new crown pneumonia epidemic is getting more and more tense, and everyone may wash hands frequently enough. It is recommended to spray the whole body to disinfect at all times.

Combining all the advantages and solving all the shortcomings, Jophie ca n’t win the alcohol, but not lose the alcohol. Jophie's sterilization king uses full food-grade nanotechnology, brewed by Grander active water in Austria, and the three-second sterilization king presented by Mclean Biotechnology, too slow may be overtaken by the virus, it is as importance as masks!

RM 50 (4 bottle x 75ml)

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综合所有优点,解决所有缺点,赢不了酒精,但却不输酒精的Jophie洁菲尔除菌王,采用全食品级纳米科技,奥地利Grander活性水酝酿,Mclean生物科技呈现的三秒除菌王, 速度太慢就可能被病毒超赶了, 重要性不输口罩!

RM 50 (4 bottle x 75ml)


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